Its writen in easy english.

You can be live or not. But polish language, and other Slavic languages is mirror of glory, whats Slavs (Slawianie) means. Nephews of Aryans. Language what drop curtains of doom.
Polish variety of this name is Slowianie. We can translate it like people of words.

You can find here ancient slavic occult knowledge and awesome NecronomiConstruction Set. It's associate like dark. But not. It is science of soul, attraction and destiny.

Here is books of this system:

Temples runes of Sarmatia named Bielwica what is mean scripture of the Bielbog (white god). Easy to start. For everyone.

Here is glagolic scripture of kings, lords and witchers.

Here is Slavic Tarot (translated in easy eanglish). 3d schedule and slavic myths. ConsciousneSsScope.

Here is ritual of Dziady – talking with your ancestrys.

Ravens of illusion – oldschool paper RPG in times before 1000 years.

Book of witchers – grimoire of 72 teachers from Book of Veles (god of will).

Give the coat of arms to your family – Guardian angel of rhodium.


Here is interviews, tips and workshops of forgotten heritage of humanity.

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